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Trail 3

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Length:211 m

Height: 325 m

Vizualizaţi Furcoi pe o hartă mai mare

The trail starts in the parking lot in front of the Sucevita Monastery, and follows the concrete road along the Bercheza Creek for about 1,3 km. The climb starts before reaching the bridge that leads to the forest road, and follows a footpath on the right. The trail reaches a road that was used years ago for transporting building materials for the construction of the retreat that can be seen from the starting point. The climb has an average degree of difficulty but it’s worth the effort, as, upon reaching the top of the hill, within 500 meters to the south, visitors can wonder at a stunningly beautiful panorama. You will enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Sucevita Monastery and the valley that descends to the Radauti Depression in the east. The trail descends on the south side of the slope and follows the footstep for about 150 meters, then makes a left turn on the signalled path and reaches the Rotar forest road. After crossing the Sucevita Creek, the trail reaches the DN17A road, next to the Town hall precinct. The return to the starting point is quite easy, on a special pedestrian walk on the right side of the road.

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