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Suceviţa lies in exceptional natural surroundings and its community has grown around the Sucevita Monastery, founded by the Movila family in 1583, one of the most visited attractions in Bucovina. The presence of the monastery has influenced the entire history of the village, its historical, cultural and economic development.

The village lies at the bottom of the Obcina Mare, at the western border of the Radauti Depression, on each side of the Sucevita Creek that flows from west to east, alongside the DN17A road, that connects the Municipality of Radauti to Campulung Moldovenesc, across the Ciumârna Pass, a place to rest and enjoy the panoramic view.

Welcome to Suceviţa Nature.Fitness.Park®

Nature.Fitness.Park – Active Outdoor Tourism Park is the excellent choice for leisure and amusement, sports and various outdoor activities. Nature.Fitness.Park.Suceviţa® consists of a network of 5 Nordic Walking and Mountain Bike trails with different degrees of difficulty and a very precise and modern signposting system that indicates the direction and the distance left to your destination.

At each of the two starting points – the parking lot in front of the Sucevita Monastery and the Poiana Marului crossroads – there are two billboards providing information on the types of sports that can be practiced on the trails, including recommended warming up drills, altitude and degree of difficulty.

You are welcome to choose an itinerary, decide on the duration of your workout, remember the number of the trail and relax actively! Enjoy the parks!


What to see and do in Suceviţa

Nature and culture
The mild hills of Obcina Mare, rising 400-1000 meters high, are covered with beech and coniferous forests and create the special atmosphere of the place. The stunning beauty of the landscape is perfected by the fresh ozone that relaxes and refreshes the body and the mind. The growing number of visitors in the area has led to the development of a compact accommodation network that ranges from rural tourism hostels to four star hotels.

The main visitor attraction in the area is the Sucevita Monastery, built between 1582 and 1601, a part of the UNESCO world heritage sites. It is an epitome of the architectural style that defined the Musatin period and stands out with its mural frescoes and noticeable Sucevita Green, wonderfully blending with the green scenery of forests and everglades that surround the Monastery.

The rich local heritage has prompted the hard working inhabitants to capitalize the local traditions through various events and festivals, such as: “The days of the Sucevita Heritage”, “The Tourism Fair” , “The Boarding House Ball”, “The Wild Berries Festival”, “The Goodman’s Festival”, “The Winter Traditions Festival”. The village school exhibits an ethnographic collection, while in Marginea, a village at 9 kilometres away, tourists can visit the Black Potery Centre, where a handful of people still kick the wheel and fire the pottery, just as their ancestors did before them. Tourists can also visit the blacksmith’s and witness the horseshoe fitting.

Recreation and Leisure

Sucevita is a very auspicious location in any season. Lively colours bewitch you in summer, while snowy winters shape the forests and peaks into a fairytale scenery. Unwinding in the fresh air is perfected by horse drawn carriage or sleigh rides, hiking or cycling. The forest roads lead to Putna, and Poiana Micului, and visitors can enjoy guided tours on picturesque trails through mysterious woodlands. If one wishes to relax and escape the busy city life, a walk in the forest or a spa treatment at the hotels in the area should relieve the tension. You can always rely on the local tourism association for information or advice.

Active tourism

Sucevita.Nature.Fitness.Park® welcomes visitors with 5 picturesque trails, with modern signposting, that can be explored by practicing your favourite workout: Nordic walking, hiking, cycling, jogging, etc. Tennis, football or basketball aficionados can enjoy the courts available at local hostels. There is also a ski slope for beginners near the Bucovina Tourism Complex. Strolling along any trail in Sucevita is an exquisite experience that leaves visitors in awe at the beauty of the landscape.

Life in the Countryside

Sucevita has always been famous for the hospitable character of its inhabitants. Traditional costumes are highly cherished, and visitors witnessing religious or holiday rituals can still admire the garments proudly worn by the locals. Should you wish to experience the local hospitality, you are welcome to attend “The Goodman’s Ball”, organised every year. The rural tourism offer is a very generous one and visitors can experience the daily activities of a traditional household. You will enjoy the delicious local cuisine, porcini mushrooms and bilberry brandy, accompanied by the traditional folk music of Bucovina.

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