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Trail 4

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Cabana Dragusin
n_w tr_4

Length:119 m

Height: 140 m

Vizualizaţi Cabana Dragusin pe o hartă mai mare

This is an exceptionally beautiful Nordic Walking trail, of average to low difficulty. It starts in the west of the Sucevita village, at Poiana Marului, where the signalling billboard is located. The trail forward coincides with the way back, on a cobblestone road, well-preserved and maintained by the Forestry Board, as it facilitates timber exploitation.  The lean ridges of the hills can be seen in the distance, as the air is purified by a soft breeze coming from a crystal clear creek where visitors can catch a glimpse of the trout. There are several stops along the trail where hikers can rest or exercise. Wild berries, raspberries, blueberries or bilberries are scattered towards the end of the trail, for visitors to enjoy on a well-deserved break before returning to the starting point.

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