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Trail 1

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Neagu I

Length: 1,5 km

Hight: 22 m

Vizualizaţi Neagu I pe o hartă mai mare

This is an accessible trail that starts in the parking lot in front of the Sucevita Monastery. The trail crosses the national road on the pedestrian crossing, reaches the entrance of the monastery and follows the signal post to the right, going around the wall and the North-West tower. The climb starts after going right, around the fence that surrounds the village church and cemetery. The slightly steep path takes a left turn, along the fence of the Sucevita Monastery. Visitors can enjoy the sloping landscape watched over by the Furcoi peak in the north. The trail descends on the Neagu forest road that goes around the monastery farm grounds, with a functional sheep cot on the right side of the trail. The National Road DN17A starts at the end of the forest road. The trail crosses it and runs for another 250 m, returning to the starting point.

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