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Trail 2

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sucevita_tr_2 Neagu II
n_w tr_2

Length:89 m

Hight: 130 m

Vizualizaţi Neagu I pe o hartă mai mare

This trail is an extension of the previous trail detailed above (Neagu 1), and allows visitors to enjoy and take photos of a stunningly beautiful landscape. The difference from the first trail consists in climbing the Neagu hilltop that lies in the south of the Monastery. The trail reaches the south-west corner of the fence that surrounds the village church and cemetery and goes straight ahead on the path uphill. Upon reaching the top of the hill, after a light 10 minute climb, the trail takes a slight turn to the north, allowing hikers to marvel at the scenery. The outstanding setting offers a bird’s eye view of the Sucevita Monastery as well as the valley along which lies the village. The valley of the Bercheza Creek lies in the north-west. The trail descends on the Neagu forest road that goes around the monastery farm grounds, with a functional sheep cot on the right side of the trail. The National Road DN17A starts at the end of the forest road. The trail crosses it and terminates within 250 m, at the starting point.

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