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Sucevita - Description

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Welcome to Sucevita Nature.Fitness.Park®

Suceviţa lies in exceptional natural surroundings and its community has grown around the Sucevita Monastery, founded by the Movila family in 1583, one of the most visited attractions in Bucovina. The presence of the monastery has influenced the entire history of the village, its historical, cultural and economic development.

The village lies at the bottom of the Obcina Mare, at the western border of the Radauti Depression, on each side of the Sucevita Creek that flows from west to east, alongside the DN17A road, that connects the Municipality of Radauti to Campulung Moldovenesc, across the Ciumârna Pass, a place to rest and enjoy the panoramic view.


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How to get to Suceviţa?

By car

From Bucharest - DN2 Bucureşti, Urziceni – Buzău – Focşani – Adjud – Bacău – Roman – Vadu Moldovei – Spărăreşti – following DN2E – Păltinoasa -Cacica - Solca – Arbore - Marginea - Suceviţa, about 7 hours 

From Cluj-Napoca: DN17 Cluj Napoca – Dej – Beclean – Salva – Năsăud – Sângeorz Băi – Vatra Dornei – Pojorâta – DN 17 A Sadova – Vatra Moldoviţei – Palma – Suceviţa, about 6 hours


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Sucevita Nature.Fitness.Park®

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