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Trail 6

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m_b tr_6

Length:440 m

Height: 610 m

Vizualizaţi Caprioarei pe o hartă mai mare

The mountain bike trail starts at the Bârnărel quarter basis, at the end of the pedestrian bridge that crosses the Bistrita river. The Bistrita and Dorna rivers meet at 800 m upstream. The first half of the trail follows the forest road that connects the Vatra Dornei resort with the ridge between the Drancani and Barnarel peaks. This particular section is quite difficult, but the sheer beauty of the scenery relieves the spirit of the cyclists. Upon reaching the cliff (marked by a crossroads), the trails continues southward, along several orchards and clearings. Tourists can halt and feast on bilberries and raspberries along a 2,5 km segment. At an altitude of 500 m uphill after crossing the Nordic Walking Drancani trail, tourists will enjoy a panoramic view of the northern side of the resort. The descent back to town is quite steep and demanding for cyclists.

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