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Trail 3

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Length:309 m

Height: 340 m

Vizualizaţi Drancani pe o hartă mai mare

This trail is quite short and allows visitors to closely observe the activities of the inhabitants, as it mostly strolls alongside dwellings and households. The starting point is on the bank of the Bistrita river, at the end of the pedestrian crossing, on Schitului Street, at the entrance to Bârnărel quarter.

The two rivers, Dorna and Bistrita, meet at 800 m upstream. The trail follows the western border of the quarter, past the Church. Orchards and clearings allow for excellent views of the resort, as well as of the dwellings scattered alongside the rivers Bistrita Aurie and Dorna. In about 20 minutes after having left the quarter, visitors will reach an open space of clearings abundant with bilberries, while raspberry bushes will stretch alongside the fringe of the forest. Upon descending the maximum altitude spot, visitors will catch a glimpse of the Suhard summit and the three peaks, Runc – 1149m, Ouşoru – 1639 m, Fărăoane – 1715 m, in the south-west.
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